Our staff at Jenner School consists of 3 teachers, one secretary/librarian and an Educational Assistant who work with various students and early literacy programs. We have one class of grades K – 3, one class of grade 4 - 6 and one class of grades 7-9. Kindergarten students attend two/three days a week and are included in educational activities and school events. Jenner School has traditionally emphasized instruction in the CORE subjects of English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, with a variety of options offered in each grade group. With the advancement of technology and Jenner Schools’ commitment to be current, students are involved in a changing and dynamic learning community. To fully offer instruction for all grades and subjects, Jenner School partakes in various Video Conferencing classes in the upper elementary and junior high classrooms. Jenner School is very fortunate to have an exceptional group of teachers and support staff who work very hard to make the school a great place to be. By collaborating and combining the skills and talents of all school staff, Jenner School has been able to provide a very well rounded and comprehensive educational experience for our students. Combined with phenomenal support from school parents and our surrounding communities, our little school on the prairie is a very special place to be!